A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Rethinking the competitive first person shooter

  • Parkour in Outer Space - Mix of zero gravity (with full 6 degrees of freedom) and gravity-influenced areas, grapple hooks, and other mechanics create a thrilling movement system that delivers a competitive edge for those who master it,
  • Progressive Capture the Flag - Paired with the movement system is a fresh new take on the classic CTF game mode, retooled to be even more exciting. Designed specifically for 5v5.
  • Pursuit - A unique and scalable free for all mode that's a mix of single-flag CTF, racing, freeze tag, and more.
  • Challenges - Racing challenges and more, offline and online. Compete with others in your server between matches and compete with the world on the online leaderboards.
  • Custom Classes - Create custom classes by mixing and matching from a diverse set of weapons and equipment that challenge long-standing genre archetypes,
  • Vibrant Art Style - Colorful, clean, and surreal,
  • Community - Focused on creating an online game community that breaks the mold and is more helpful than hurtful,

First Access

Arms of Telos is not complete. There are bugs, it's not optimized yet, there is only one map and a limited selection of weapons and equipment. What's done now is a foundation that will be expanded upon with your help. Steam Keys will be given later when the game eventually releases on Steam Early Access and Arms of Telos might require Steam in the future (everyone that owns it on itch.io will get Steam keys).

A limited number of copies are currently available. More will be made available in the future some time after this batch runs out (usually around major updates). You can subscribe to the mailing list to get alerts.

This game's community is small and there won't always be people online playing 24/7, so I definitely recommend you join our Discord Channel to help find people to play with.

I also recommend reading this before purchasing.

System Requirements

  • 64bit OS

As I collect more data from users, I'll be able to have more accurate system requirements.

When you purchase, you'll be given a download for the launcher that will download the client and keep it up to date. You'll also be given a key used to activate your Arms of Telos account.